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Our People Make a Difference

When you combine passion for construction and the knowledge and skills developed over many years in construction you get team members that add value to your project. We can do that for you.


Dale Brown 

Chief Executive Officer

Texas A&M University – Navarro

35+ Years Experience



Previous Experience:

Director of Operations

Director of Construction

Senior Project Superintendent

Project Superintendent

Ponder ISD School Board Trustee (15) - Years


Shane P. Christian

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Texas A&M University – College Station

University of Texas at Arlington

25+ Years Experience


USACE QA/QC Certified


Previous Experience:

Director of Operations

Director of Construction

Senior Project Manager

Project Manager

Project Estimator

QA/QC Manager

Project Superintendent

Construction Design Consultant

Our Core Values


As a business, and as individuals, we seek to be honest and ethical in all our  dealings. We remain faithful to the values of honesty, quality and hard work. We will always try to do what we say we will do. Our conduct will be guided by our effort to do the right thing ensuring that the 6-4-3 Construction Solutions, LLC, name is always worthy of trust.


We promote an environment where we both the company and each individual within the company is fully accountable for his or her decisions and actions.


We recognize that successful construction projects depend on teamwork at all levels. This teamwork begins internally among our office staff and extends to our field personnel, tradesman, subcontractors, associates, suppliers, engineers, architects, and clients. The purpose of every position throughout our company is to support our clients, associates and construction operations.


Each day, every employee is expected to give the best of themselves, to strive constantly for quality and to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism – and to lead by example.


Whether a client, employee, or passerby, we will respect every individual we come in contact with. At 6-4-3 Construction Solutions, LLC, we strive to show respect by listening to other's points of view, by showing genuine concern for others, and by attempting to better the lives of our employees, their families, the community, and the people with whom we associate.


We create and encourage an environment that promotes idea-generation and risk -taking, while expecting our personnel to be motivated by a desire to win, to commit, and to succeed.

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